Recommendations and Requirements

New Clients

Some dogs might not be able to receive our grooming services, depending on their age, health or behavior. We can discuss these and inform you prior to your appointment to determine whether your pet will be able to get #pampered.

Please let us know in advance should you need any special accommodations.

Vaccinations and Health

We require that every grooming client be up to date on all their vaccinations and that you bring your vaccination history and verification upon appointment arrival or email it to us at: prior to your appointment.

Vaccination history should include both DHLPP (Distemper, Leprotosis, Parvo) and Bordetella vaccinations. As required by law, our grooming guests must show proof of their current Rabies vaccinations as well.

No Fleas, Please

NO FLEAS! We ask that you help us maintain our Flea-Free zone and make sure that your pet is pest-free. If we find fleas or ticks during your dog’s grooming, we will be obligated to give your dog our Citric Flea Rinse treatment at an additional charge.


If your dog suffers from extreme anxiety, or exhibits extreme nervousness, fear or excitement, please help them feel more at ease during grooming by increasing their exercise prior to your appointment. We also sell CBD products in the store that you can purchase a couple days prior to your grooming appointment to give to your pet before their appointment. See store associates for more details on CBD product!

Aggressive Behavior

For the safety of your dog and our staff, if your dog becomes too aggressive, agitated or emotionally distraught during their appointment, our staff will end their service and not attempt to force the grooming on your pet, and you will be charged for the services completed.

Age and Health

​Puppies must be 16 weeks or older and current on all their vaccinations.
If your dog is elderly, suffering from a health issue, or under veterinarian care for a condition that might be worsened by grooming, you should avoid some grooming services. You might be required to provide a medical release.

Our Policies and Guarantees

We want you to be 100% satisfied with the grooming services you receive. After every grooming service, our stylists will review the Furcut with you to make sure you are happy! If you notice anything that you don’t like when you get home, please call us within 24 hours so that we can alter your pet’s groom to your liking. Changes without charge can be made within 24 hours only.

Services and Pricing

Our menu prices are a general guideline for services; however, the actual pricing of your services may change based on breed, size, temperament/condition and length of your dog’s coat. Hours of operation and prices are subject to change.


Credit card reservations are required for all grooming services with no exceptions. We currently are not offering any walk-in services. For any service, you must call to make an appointment. Current vaccination records are required for all pets.

Scheduling and Cancelations

We will do our best to accommodate your schedule, but here are some things to keep in mind!

It is extremely important to bring your pets on time to their appointment as the groomers have a very tight schedule! If the owner does not make it known to the Pampered Paws staff that they are running late, their appointments will be held for a maximum of 15 minutes. If the owner does not call, or if we cannot get ahold of the owner, they will be charged 50% of the grooming appointment price per pet to the card on file. If we happen to have the availability to take in your pet more than 15 minutes late of your scheduled time, then a $20 Late Fee per pet will be applied to your total.

We require a 24-hour notice prior to the set appointment time to reschedule and/or cancel an appointment, and a cancellation fee will not be applied to the card on file. If you are a No-Call-No-Show, cancel or reschedule within 24 hours of your set appointment time, 50% of the grooming appointment price per pet will be automatically charge to your card on file.

Our stylist will provide a rough time estimate for your pet’s service during your consultation at the time of drop-off. When your pet is ready for pick up, you will be notified by text message and/or phone call. We reserve a 60-minute grace period for pick-up after you receive that text message and/or phone call. After your grace period, we reserve the right to charge you $5 for every 15 minutes that you’re late.